Creative Photography in Color and Black-and-White

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Barnegat Lighthouse, Long Beach Island, NJ
Farm Swing, Bethlehem, CT

Susan Reinberg offers five photographic essays: Digital Diaries, a casual record of moments close to home; Seeing Double, diptych images paired for context, juxtaposition, interaction, and vantage point; Altered States, a look at the humdrum using creative effects in camera; Imaginary Gardens, a lush world of altered color; and To the Light, a surreal journey to America’s lighthouses in black-and-white infrared.

Marc Isolda presents fine art from a pure photography standpoint: His Panoramas give us sweeping vistas of landscapes and seascapes; The Light Within explores the luminosity of earth and sky; Field and Farm takes us on a country walk in all seasons; At the Shore brings us to the water's edge; and Shades of Gray provides nuances and contrasts in monochromatic color and black-and-white photography.